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One of my first childhood memories is my mom reading Goodnight Moon to me. I was just a little squirt then, fascinated by the bright pictures and hypnotized by Margaret Wise Brown’s words. I wanted to be the little rabbit tucked into bed, saying good night to pictures of cows and bowls of mush. I settled for saying good night to my stuffed animals. My day was never complete until a book was read to me.

Not much has changed in the last thirty years. I read books daily, finding them just as enthralling. I have no kids, yet I am still drawn to children’s picture books. I collect rare, old editions—not to read but to open the covers and sniff. And some of the books I have on my shelves can also be found on my Kindle, because sometimes a story is too good to not have with you at all times.

I love books. LOVE THEM. I love the mysteries and the suspense, the angst and the tenderness, the strength and the loneliness. I love that I can have the crappiest of days and still come home, crawl under my Slanket, and find comfort in the stories writers tell. I love the diversity out there. Regardless of who you are, how you feel, what you do, there will always be a story you can relate to. In this way, books are magical. And writers are the magicians.

I like to think of myself as a magician’s assistant. I can’t perform the main tricks, but I’m happy to serve as a living prop for illusions. Editing, for me, is about tweaking and polishing while still preserving meaning and intent. Books can be near perfect, and my goal is to help writers get there, as gently and as carefully as possible.


  • B.A. and M.A. in English (literature and TESL) from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

  • freelance editing for 13 years

  • editing professionally for 11 years

  • currently an editorial project manager for an educational publisher

  • taught English at the college level (freshman composition and remedial classes, which focused on grammar and punctuation) and abroad for 4 years

  • happily married to a man who sometimes says “irregardless” and “much more better” just to get under my skin

  • mom to a rescue dog

  • reside in Orange County, California

  • love reading contemporary fiction, romance, and psychological thrillers