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I’ll read each manuscript twice (unless specified otherwise). Manuscripts should be sent as Word documents so that Track Changes can be used.

During our initial consultation, I will ask the author to submit a sample of the project (usually about five pages), which I will review and return within 24 hours. This allows the author an opportunity to make sure my services are in line with what they are looking for. Once the author approves the sample, we will finalize the rest of the project's details, which includes the signing of an editorial contract.

In order to reserve a date, a deposit will be collected. The deposit will go toward the author's scheduled service. It is nonrefundable unless the author cancels 60 or more days in advance of his or her scheduled appointment.

The deposit for Copyediting is $75.
The deposit for Proofreading is $50.
The deposit for the All-in-One Package is $100.

Manuscripts with word counts of 40,000 words or fewer will be reviewed and returned in one to two weeks (for copyediting or proofreading only). Manuscripts exceeding 40,000 words will be reviewed and returned in two to eight weeks (depending on length). Urgent requests may be accommodated. 


Copyediting services will consist of analyzing content and structure. This includes checking for plot holes, inconsistent character development, duplicated text and situations, tense shifts, unbalanced pacing, as well as grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

$.007 per word

Minimum $50 copyediting fee


Proofreading services consist of analyzing structure only, focusing on grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

$.005 per word

Minimum $50 proofreading fee


This is a service I highly recommend for authors I’m currently working with. It consists of one final read-through before the book is published.

$.001 per word


For authors who want editing, proofreading, and a final check, I offer this package, which includes the following:

Copyediting (see above for description; includes two consecutive read-throughs)
return to author
Proofreading (see above for description; includes one read-through)
return to author
Final Check (see above for description; includes one read-through)
return to author for publishing

$.01 per word


Paypal – For projects more than $100, 50% is due at the start of the project and the remainder is due before the project is returned. Details of payment and invoice will be provided during the initial consultation.


I no longer provide services in exchange for other products or services.